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September 2016 - Ongoing

Ann L, In her own words...

Cheryl’s own immense personal experiences have equipped her with the sensitivity and insight to provide real, practical hands-on coaching. Having lived through a number of traumatic experiences enables Cheryl to relate to my own issues and help me navigate through very complex emotional issues. I benefit from her willingness to sit with me during one of the most challenging periods of my life and to see me through that period with a commitment to listen, guide and walk me through each session with patience and genuine concern. Throughout these sessions, well-crafted exercises help me tremendously engage at a deep level.

What I particularly like is Cheryl's ability to draw from the Word, the world, expert teachings from a wide body of Masters, and from her own life challenges to minister to me at the point of my need.

I am extremely happy that when I need strong, experienced and knowledgeable support, I find in Cheryl a coach who shows up for me each week willing to help me do the work necessary to positively turn my life around. 

Ann L


Recent Works

​​Our services range from group or individual coaching/counseling to community-based change initiatives.

  • Community Groups (churches or social)

  • Families

  • Men and women struggling with brokenness or issues relating to personal identity and purpose

  • Adolescent boys on their way to becoming men

  • Adolescent girls on their way to becoming women

How We serve

We have a network of counseling and coaching resources. Tell us where you are and we will discuss the "HOW." Options include:

  • Face to Face Sessions
  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
  • Telephone
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